R.I.P Paco Martinez

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January 29, 2008 by finndxer

On December 9th died Francisco Martinez y Martinez (Paco Martinez), known Spanish DXer and chairman of AER (Asociación Española de Radioescucha)

Linked to the world of DXing in Spanish language for more than thirty years, Paco Martinez was one of the founders of GECE (Grupo de Escucha del Centro de Española) in 1977, an entity in which it played a variety of positions until its merger in 1991 with ADXA and AREA to form the Spanish Association of Radiolisterner (AER, Asociación Española de Radioescucha), club successor to the previous and currently was AER’s chairman.

Person equipped with a great energy and ability to work selflessly worked in a multitude of tasks associated with the spread of diexismo in Spain and Europe, while some health problems he had to leave during the past few years the “frontline” of the AER to concentrate their efforts on providing new statutes for the European DX Council (EDXC).

Rest in peace our friend Paco Martinez.

Pedro Sedano, Madrid, Spain

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