Post-conference tour of EDXC Conference 2008

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April 14, 2008 by finndxer

Hello friends,

Finally we have been able to get enough base information to make the decision upon this tour:

First of all, the voting held a few weeks ago resulted that the majority is interested in visiting the Baltic states.

We have then investigated the possibility of having a group flight to Vilnius or from Vilnius, but it has turned out that it is not possible with a reasonable price. Therefore, this tour will be organised totally as a bus tour, but those who don’t want to go by bus from Vilnius back to Helsinki (about 650 kms) can then book a flight of their own from Vilnius to anywhere they want (this is of course not included in the tour price).

Preliminary plan:

Sun 7th of September
Leaving Vaasa in the afternoon, either by train or by bus. A ferry to Tallinn in the evening. Overnight in a hotel in Tallinn.
Mon 8th of September
A look at the old Tallinn in the morning. Leaving for Riga around noon. Arrival in Riga around 17 hours. A walk tour in Riga. Overnight in Riga.
Tue 9th of September
A little bit of time still in Riga. Leaving for Vilnius around 11 hours. Arrival in Vilnius around 16 hours. Time in Vilnius will include some radio activities (visit to a radio station, visit to the TV tower), but details are not available yet. Overnight in Vilnius.
Wed 10th of September
The bus to Tallinn will be leaving around noon. Arrival in Helsinki will be either late in Wednesday or early Thursday (in this case overnight in a ferry).

This tour will be offered on a price of 390 euros. This will include transportation, three nights in good hotels (double room including breakfast, extra for those wanting to have a single room) and dinners on Monday and Tuesday. The price for those taking a flight from Vilnius will be 350 euros.

We would be very pleased, if all who are interested in joining this tour, would contact us as soon as possible. Please write to risto.vahakainu at

Please notice that this tour is not fixed and guaranteed yet, so please contact me before booking any flights or other services.

Best Regards

Risto Vahakainu
on behalf of the FDXA

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