Virtual Museum of Radio Communications online now

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October 19, 2008 by finndxer

Rainer Brannolte has launched his virtual museum of radio communications. His website www.utilityradio. com is dedicated to ancient utility-stations on the bands between 9 KHz and 30 MHz. He offers legendary sound files from stations that ceased duty long ago. You can find some very interesting QSL on his web pages, too. His little online-museum is still growing but with some very interesting sound clips he opened his doors today. Please be kind and take a look at http://www.utilityradio. com [] – and discover some interesting facts of what was on the bands between the 1960s and today. Listen to stations from Cameroon, Belgium, the former G.D.R. or have a look at some utility TX-sites on Google Maps. Everyone is invited to visit http://www.utilityradio. com [] and enjoy sounds from long ago. If you like you can also contribute your own recordings from stations on the bands. And your images of rare QSLs are appreciated, too. Share the history of utility radio with us. OM Rainer and I hope to see you at http://www.utilityradio. com [

(Thomas Ingenpass, Germany, in UDXF yg, via Horacio Nigro, Uruguay, DXLD)

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