DX and Shortwave meetings of 2013‏

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February 16, 2013 by OH6001SWL

Here is a list of some radio (especially shortwave and DX) related meetings of this year. We hope this is of interest.

(Updated: February 17, 2013)

Shortwave Radio Meetings – 2013

Date: February 6-10
Location: Solingen-Wald, Germany
Description: DX Camp
Organization: Radiofreunde NRW
More info: christof.proft@gmail.com

Date: February 13
Description: UNESCO World Radio Day

Dates: March 1-2
Location: Plymouth Meeting (near Philadelphia), PA, USA
Description: Winter SWL Fest
More info: http://www.swlfest.com
Expected attendance: 150

Date: March 2 (1430-1700 BST)
Location: Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC), 35-39 London
Street, Reading RG1 4PS, England
Organization: Reading International Radio Group
Expected attendance: 20
More info: http://www.bdxc.org.uk
Note: Reading DX meetings are held with about 2 months interval (next
one on May 11th)

Dates: March 17-19
Location: Alexanderplatz, Berlin
Description: Radiodays Europe, a conference on radio and its future
More info: http://www.radiodayseurope.com

Dates: March 29-April 4
Location: Hoherodskopf, Germany
Description: DX-Camp
Organization: RMRC
More info: mail@rmrc.de

Dates: May 4-5
Location: Torino, Italy
Description: the annual meeting of AIR
Organization: AIR Associazione Italiana Radioascolto
More info: http://air-radiorama.blogspot.it/2013/02/xxxi-meeting-annuale-air.html

Dates: May 15-17
Location: Birmingham, AL (at WEWN)
Description: Annual NASB Conference
Organization: National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters+DRM
Consortium, USA
More info: http://www.shortwave.org

Dates: May 17-19
Location: Dayton, Ohio, USA
Organization: Dayton Hamvention
Expected attendance: 20000
More info: http://www.hamvention.org

Dates: May 31-June 2 (tentative)
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Description: DX-Parlamentet 2013, the annual meeting of the SDXF
Organization: The Swedish DX-Federation (SDXF)
More info: http://www.sdxf.se

Dates: June 14-16
Location: Ishöj, Copenhagen, Denmark
Description: Annual General meeting of DSWCI
Organization: Danish Short Wave Club International (DSWCI)
More info: http://www.dswci.org

Dates: June 28-30
Location: Friedrichshafen, Germany
Description: Ham Radio, biggest annual hamfest in Europe
Expected attendance: 20000

Dates: August 2-4
Location: Utö Island, Finland
Description: The Annual Summer Meeting
Organization: The Finnish DX Association
Expected attendance: 80
More info: rv@sdxl.org

Dates: August 24-25
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Description: Big ham fair with a SW sector (Japan SW Club stand & lectures)
Organization: Tokyo Ham Fair
Expected attendance: 30000
More info: ohtaket@live.jp

Dates: September 6-9
Location: Figueira da Foz, Portugal
Description: European DX Conference, the annual meeting of EDXC
Organization: European DX Council (EDXC)
Expected attendance: 50
More info: http://www.edxc.org, mika.palo@clix.pt

Dates: September 6-11
Location: Berlin, Germany
Name: IFA Internationale Funkausstellung
Description: Consumer Electronics Fair – Including Radios

Dates: September 13-17
Location: Amsterdam, Holland
Description: IBC 2013
More info: http://www.ibc.org

Dates: September 21-22
Location: Gwalior, India
Description: Hamfest India

Dates: October 1-6
Location: Wohnste bei Sittensen, Germany
Description: DX Camp
Organization: Hamburger Freunde des Rundfunkfernempfangs
More info: dl1lad@darc.de

Dates: October 10-13
Location: near Berlin, Germany
Description: DX Camp
Organization: Berliner Empfangsamateure
More info: wellenjagd@gmail.com

Date: November 30
Location: Hannover, Germany
Description: Interradio
More info: http://www.interradio.info

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