Obituary: Dr. Anton Kuchelmeister In Memoriam.


April 12, 2013 by OH6001SWL

We are very sorry to inform you, that Dr. Anton Kuchelmeister — Chairman of the AGDX in Germany for many years — passed away at an age of 62 years.

Anton Kuchelmeister sitting with Waldemar Kraemer (of DW) in Lyngby Conference.

He was born 1951 in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and he had 7 ( seven ) brothers and sisters. He became Chairman of the AGDX in 1996 in Bad Homburg / Germany. From 1969 until 1972 he studied in Stuttgart and in the year 1969 he became Ham-radio owner with the call-sign : DK 5TL. 1998 the AGDX-magazine ” weltweit hören ” was published at the last time. Anton took strong command in negotiations with the ADDX organisation and the re-formation of this magazine into : ” RADIO-KURIER, weltweit hören “. Anton also liked to organize new members for the DX-hobby. The AGDX was during many-many years Observer Member of the EDXC.

Anton was active within the EDXC, especially at the end of late 90’s, when Risto Vähäkainu was the Secretary General at the EDXC and his assistant was Arto Mujunen. Anton criticized EDXC matters and decisions many times, and usually for good reasons. But… Risto Vähäkainu is also very thankful  for the help from Anton. Anton created the very first EDXC website and we believe, he did it on the right way, simple and informative. The co-operation in this matter went very well.

The undersigned — Tibor Szilagyi — met Dr. Anton Kuchelmeister personally at 2 / two / occasions. First I met him at the EDXC Conference in Lyngby–Copenhagen in Denmark in 1999. Our second meeting was during the EDXC Conference in Koenigstein–Germany, in 2003. I also had many encouraging E-Mail correspondence with him. In every E-Mail message Anton showed extremely goal-minded and straight forward attitude regarding EDXC matters.


Anton standing between Lewis Coulborn and Tibor Szilagyi in Lyngby EDXC.

I still remember the Banquet Dinner at Lyngby-Copenhagen conference. Anton and I — and also the Finnish DX-er Jarmo Salmi — we were sitting at the same table. We made an extra effort to entertain Anton — I with my Central-European jokes, and Jarmo with his special Scandinavian / Finnish jokes. Anton was laughing hearty at our jokes during the whole evening… This is my light / bright picture about Anton, which I would like to keep in my memory:

Anton relaxed and laughing at our jokes in Lyngby-Copenhagen.

Rest in peace, Anton.

Stockholm / Sweden, April 12, 2013

Tibor Szilagyi
Former Secretary General at the EDXC.

One thought on “Obituary: Dr. Anton Kuchelmeister In Memoriam.

  1. McLaren Harris says:

    I became acquainted with Anton during the 1980s when we worked for Digital Equipment Corporation, I in Massachusetts (USA) and he in Munich. We were both contributors to the French language notesfile on the Digital network. We met in January 1991 when I was on a business trip to Munich. He was extremely welcoming and helpful and even took me on a tour of Schloss Neuschwanstein, Oberammergau and other places. I will never forget his graciousness. I was so sorry to learn only last year of his passing. He will long live in our memories.

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