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August 12, 2013 by OH6001SWL

Dear DX friends,

EDXC conference 2013 in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, will be held in less than one month :-). We have agreed with the hotel that EDXC will collect the fees and transfer them to the hotel accordingly.

I have good news for you: We have managed to lower the fees with 30 euros (per person) for the basic conference package including:

– Accommodation, 3 nights

– Banquet with programme, Saturday

– Welcome cocktail, Friday

– Day tour, Sunday

– Transfer to Lisbon + tour, Monday

– Conference fee

The final prices are as follows:

275 € (per person, single room)

225 € (per person, double room)

It is easier for the hotel that the extra nights some of you have booked should be paid together with the basic package. As you already know the prices for the extra nights are as follows:

– Single room: 50 € per night

– Double room: 75 € per night

You can ask for the further payment instructions by e-mail (ksk) if you haven’t receive such a mail yet, or if you have not yet signed up.

See you in Portugal!


Kari Kivekäs & Mika Palo

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