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October 2, 2013 by OH6001SWL

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A guide to the world
What is it that makes your home country one of a kind? We are putting together all of your best travel tips for our global travel guide. Write us und tell us why where you come from is worth a visit and you could win a travel set. And for everyone that likes traveling in Germany there is "Ticket nach Berlin", the travel guide for learning German, as well as many other interactive learning tools offered with DW’s language courses.
Your special tips for our travel guide
We are looking for the most beautiful places on earth for our global travel guide. What makes your home country really special? Tell us why everyone should get to know where you come from and you could win a DW travel set.
The adventure game show for learning German
Six brave learners of German embark on an adventurous journey across Germany on "Ticket nach Berlin". Follow the contestants as they take on challenges from wakeboarding to kitchen cook offs. This format is best suited for learners at the B2 level.
Kristina Diewald- the woman behind the scenes
Kristina Diewald has been working as a project manager for DW’s language courses since 2012, starting off with "Ticket nach Berlin". Her goal has been to develop language learning programs for learners of German that prepare them for everyday life and are also a lot of fun. Get to know Kristina now.
More ways to learn German and get involved!
From beginners to experts, everyone who wants to learn German is guaranteed to find the perfect match for their goals at dw.de/learngerman. DW’s language courses are created with multimedia learning tools for every skill level that help make learning German a lot of fun!
Have fun learning and traveling,
Your My DW Team
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