April 27, 2014 by OH6001SWL

Bob Grevenstuk recently passed away at the age of 84. He joined the Benelux DX-Club soon after its foundation in the early sixties and later became a member of the board. For some years he also was mediumwave editor and editor-in-chief. With BDXC board members Wouter Franken and Maarten van Delft, he joined other DX-ers at the home of Anker Petersen in Copenhagen in June 1967 for the foundation of the EDXC.

As a member of the DSWCI he often attended their meetings. For Dutch Home Service radio he produced and presented features on DXing for a number of years. In addition to mediumwave DX, he was also keenly interested in VLF and LW reception as well as in standard frequency and time signal stations. He had great knowledge of the history of broadcasting in general and more particularly in the former Dutch East Indies where he lived for some time.

May he rest in peace.

Maarten van Delft



  1. Rosemary Sleven-Trzaskus says:

    Dear Maarten,

    I am so shocked to have found the memoriam of Bob Grevenstuk! He was a Good friend of my late husband Daan Sleven (who died on May 15, 2012) and me. They were DX friends for many many years from the Benelux DX Club.
    May Bob rest in peace.


    Rosemary Sleven-Trzaskus

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