Claes W. Englund 1938—2014

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November 23, 2014 by OH6001SWL


One of the foremost Scandinavian and European DX’ers, Claes W. Englund of Sweden, passed away at the age of 76, after a short illness, on November 15th at a Stockholm hospital. He is survived by his Danish-born wife Dorrit.

Claes was one of the small group of DX’ers from the four Scandinavian countries who processed the initial idea of European DX Council into a reality, in 1967, at Anker Petersen’s home in Denmark. Among the other inspired persons were Ellman Ellingsen of Norway, Bengt Dalhammar of Sweden and Tor-Henrik Ekblom of Finland. Consequently, Claes was the first Secretary General of the EDXC until October 1, 1969 when I took over.

Claes was a very resourceful, diplomatic and respected person who was readily accepted by all to lead this nascent organization into full flight. The EDXC had the challenging task of promoting cooperation between the European DX clubs which were used to independence and limited resources. Using money to a cooperation with only few unspecified immaterial short-term benefits was not their first choice. However, through the inspired, able and convincing work of Claes and his successors the almost impossible turned into a reality. The EDXC does exist and is still going strong, close to its fiftieth anniversary.

CWE, as he was known to everyone within the DX world, was the epitome of DX’er. He was not so much interested in collecting the maximum number of QSL’s or logging the rarest of radio stations. He preferred to tune to a maximum variety of broadcasting stations, listening to their programming and their different views on world matters in order to widen his own knowledge of the world in turmoil. Besides, he contributed regularly to our magazine with his knowledgeable, interesting and informative writings which we published in his mother tongue Swedish.

As the old saying goes, Claes is not gone, he has only faded away, as he will always be remembered by his numerous friends in Finland and all over our continent as a true, able and dedicated promoter of our dear hobby of DX’ing.

The Finnish DX-Association extends its deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of Claes W. Englund, a true friend.

Jyrki K. Talvitie


Claes W. Englund and Jyrki K. Talvitie

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