25th edition of the BDXC Radio Stations in the UK available


February 19, 2015 by OH6001SWL

A brand new (25th) edition of the British DX Club’s Radio Stations in the UK is now available. This comprehensive 76-page directory of UK mediumwave and FM radio stations covers all BBC, commercial, community and low power AM/FM services and is a must for anyone interested in UK & Irish radio. It includes transmitter power and site details, contact information and a digital radio section. Stations are listed by both frequency and name with frequencies cross-referenced to help you find parallels. It includes a separate guide covering Radio Stations in the Republic of Ireland – RTE, commercial and community radio. This new edition is right up to date with the many changes that have occurred since the last edition was published, including station mergers, name changes and new community radio services. See the club’s website www.bdxc.org.uk for details of how to order a copy. Direct link http://www.bdxc.org.uk/rsuk.html

RSUK 25 cover0001

One thought on “25th edition of the BDXC Radio Stations in the UK available

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