Trends in tropical bands broadcasting 2016

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June 20, 2016 by OH6001SWL

by Anker Petersen, editor of the Domestic Broadcasting Survey

Since DSWCI published its first Tropical Bands Survey in 1973, I have registered which stations are active, based upon

loggings from our members and other DX-ers around the world. Here is an updated status where Clandestine and Pirate stations not are included.

trends 2016

During the past year the previous trend, that Tropical shortwave stations slowly disappear, continued throughout the world. The reason is, that other media get higher priority, than keeping elderly shortwave transmitters alive. However, there was only a minor fall from 147 last year to 138 frequencies this year.

Here are some domestic broadcasting stations on the Tropical Bands, which have closed down during the past year:

kHz kW Station Country Last log

3205 10 NBC Sandaun, Vanimo Papua New Guinea APR15

3210 1 Vintage FM Relay, Razorback Australia JAN15

3380 1 Centro Radiofonico Imbabura Ecuador SEP14

3905 10 NBC New Ireland, Kavieng Papua New Guinea APR15

4319 3 AFRTS Feeder, Diego Garcia Diego Garcia DEC14

4716,7 1 R Yatun Ayllu Yura, S.Antonio Bolivia APR15

4765 10 R Rural, Santarem Brazil JAN15

4789,9 0,5 R Visión, Chiclayo Peru APR15

4820 50 AIR, Kolkata India JAN15

4860 50 AIR, Shimla India APR15

4885 1 R Maria, Anápolis Brazil SEP14

4975 1 R Iguatemi, Osasco Brazil APR15

4976 10 UBC R, Kampala Uganda APR15


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