Radiohouse – DX for guests and seniors

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June 25, 2016 by OH6001SWL

Most of us DXer are advanced age. I too, but  I don´t want to go into a rest home.

Some times ago a shared flat has been an april fool, now it is reality.


I am living at Algarve cause of the dirty weather in Germany, living under the palm tree at the ocean – but inside europe and the weather is beautiful.


We manage this  “DX-Winterquarter” since two years.  ( DXing is excellent many DXer say when they where here last year.

I will stay here, enjoing my live with DXing and broadcasting, but I will never go into a rest home. If you are in the same situation, come and stay here for some times, weeks, months or years.

We already have some places at the shared house for DXer, radio amateurs and radio freaks. (att)

I  will definitly not go into a rest home.

Here at Algarve we don´t have a German radiostation, that could be a beautiful target to reach.

However you don´t want to stay here but invest into this project you will get your profit.                 

                       It is the only one inside Europe.


Harald Gabler,
Rhein-Main-Radio-Club, Germany

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