DSWCI 60 years

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November 6, 2016 by OH6001SWL

By Anker Petersen

On November 18, 1956, six Danish DX-ers met in the town of Aars in Northern Jutland and decided to establish the first Club for shortwave listeners and DX-ers in Denmark. They named it DANMARKS KORTBØLGEKLUB – The Shortwave Club of Denmark.


The founders were from right in first row: Tonny Sørensen and Leo Bengtsson. In second row: Aksel Martinussen, Poul Ginnerup and Henning Olsen. In third row: Niels Jakob Jensen. These founders hardly imagined that the Club still exists 60 years later.

In January 1957 the first issue of the monthly printed bulletin SHORTWAVE NEWS (SWN) was issued in the Danish language – called KORTBØLGENYT.

Here are some “Tips for Night Owls” in SWN January 1957 heard by the first Chairman, N. J. Jensen:

4780 YVLA La Voz de Carabobo 2200-2400 sports
4790 YVQR Ondas Portenas 2200-0415* advs
4805 ZYS R. Dif. Amazonas 2200-0200 music
4810 YVMG R Popular 2130-0700* U.S. toptunes
4840 YVOI R Valera 2230-0330 dancemusic, advs
4845 HJGF R Bucaramanga 0330-0400* advs
4865 CSA Ponta Delgada, Azores -2400* QSA 5
4970 YVLK R Rumbos 2300-2400 English daily
4990 YVMQ R Barquisimeto after 0200 advs
5075 HJKH R Sutatenza 2300-0240* religious.

As you can see, nearly all of these exotic 60 mb stations have disappeared since then. The only one, which still can be heard, is the Brazilian on 4805 kHz.

Within its first year of existence, the Club got more than 100 members in Denmark plus a few from abroad. In order to increase the membership of foreign DX-ers, the loggings (SW TIPS) and QSL pages were then edited in English. A few years later, the name of the Club was changed to the DANISH SHORTWAVE CLUB INTERNATIONAL (DSWCI).

In 1965 the DSWCI had 170 members with 60% being non-Danish and living in 23 countries in all six continents. Thus the Club really became international!

In 1959 the Board decided to publish the whole SWN in two versions each month – one in Danish and another in English! The Tips, News and QSL-pages were common for both editions. The international membership increased steadily to more than 45 countries in all continents, so the DSWCI became the most global DX-Club in the world!

In 1971 it was decided to publish SWN entirely in English.

In the 1970’ies we had more than 800 members with 85% being non-Danish. In 2016 a total of 3786 DX-ers have been members of the DSWCI. The success of the Club can be found in this worldwide and very experienced membership, which month after month, year after year has provided other members with the latest news from the bands.

In 1967-1969 the DSWCI produced a weekly DX-programme in English, which was broadcast on shortwave by Radio Denmark. It was called the DX-WINDOW.


The staff of the DX-Window at the Little Mermaid:

From right the editors Tor-Henrik Ekblom, Anker Petersen and Kaj Bredahl Jørgensen, the producer Christian Flagstad and secretary Susanne Jackson.

The DX-Window reoccured as a printed newsletter in the period 1987-1994 with different international editors.

In 1996 it was replaced by a weekly, electronic newsletter sent out to all contributors. From May 2001 it was changed to a fortnightly newsletter issued mainly to members of the DSWCI.

SWN was published with 11-12 issues per year until May 2001, when the Annual General Meeting (AGM) decided only to publish it every sixth week.

Other popular publications have been the TROPICAL BANDS SURVEY, which has been published annually since 1973, when it was edited by the Chairman Carol Feil and myself.


It is now included in the DOMESTIC BROADCASTING SURVEY edited by me. For some years we also published the unusual CLANDESTINE STATIONS LIST edited by Finn Krone.

On the 4th of June, 1967, the European DX Council (EDXC) was established in my home by 10 DX-ers from Denmark (Kaj Bredahl and me), Finland (Torre Ekblom), Germany, The Netherlands (e.g. Bob Grevenstuck), Norway and Sweden. The EDXC has had annual DX-Conferences all over Europe from St. Petersburg in Russia to Las Palmas on the Canary Islands since then.


At the end of the EDXC Conference in November 1999 in Lyngby, Denmark, most of the 25 broadcasters and DX-ers from 10 countries visited the birthplace of the EDXC in Skovlunde.

During the 60 years, the DSWCI has existed, only about 22 Danish DX-ers have been members of the Board of Directors. Since 1968, we have had foreign Board members living in the U.K., U.S.A., Germany, Finland and the Netherlands.

The present eight Board members have been in the DSWCI Board: Noel R. Green for 48 years, Bent Nielsen 45 years, Anker Petersen 44 years, Kaj Bredahl Jørgensen 38 years, Tor-Henrik Ekblom 16 years, Kurt Ærenlund Pedersen 12 years, Andreas Schmid 11 years and Erik Køie 10 years. All this has given much stability in the DSWCI.

Our web site www.dswci.dk was established in 2000 with Claus Petersen as webmaster. Since May 2002 the popular site www.dswci.org has had Rolf Wernli in Switzerland as webmaster. Here is the frontpage:


This is just a very brief story about some of the high-lights of our Club.It very soon became international and even global. Even the co-editors have been global for many years. Many of the members have been very active Shortwave listeners and DX-ers, who have shared their loggings, news and QSL’s with other members in our publications. We are always happy to meet our members and other DX-ers in Denmark or elsewhere in the world. Thus our slogan is always valid:

“Friendship through Knowledge”


Group photo from our 60 years jubilee in Kalundborg at the longwave station, where 39 persons from 14 countries did participate! Kalundborg Church with its five towers is in the background.


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