DBS 2018 and Trends in tropical bands broadcasting 2018


April 2, 2018 by OH6001SWL

Anker Petersen, DSWCI

New DOMESTIC BROADCASTING SURVEY 20 available, edited by Anker Petersen. Its 16 pages, covering 2850-17900 kHz, can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE from http://www.dswci.org , click Domestic Broadcasting Survey, Latest Issue.

Trends in tropical bands broadcasting 2018

Since the Danish Short Wave Club International published the first Tropical Bands Survey in 1973, I have registered which stations are active, based upon loggings from our members and other DX-ers around the world. Here is an updated status where Clandestine and Pirate stations not are included.


During the past year the previous trend, that Tropical stations slowly disappear, continued throughout the world with a loss of about 15 stations. The reason is, that other media get higher priority, than keeping elderly Shortwave transmitters

Here are some of the stations on the Tropical Bands, which have closed down during year 2016 or 2017:

kHz kW Station Country Last log
2380 0,25 R Educadora, Limeira, SP Brazil FEB17
3210 1 Unique R, Halls Creek, NSW Australia FEB17
3250 100 Voice of Korea, Pyongyang Korea (D.P.R.) AUG17
3250 50 WBCQ, Monticello, ME U.S.A. OCT17
3275 10 R Southern Highlands, Mendi Papua New Guinea MAY17
3290 10 Voice of Guyana, Georgetown Guyana JUL16
3905 10 RRI, Merauke Indonesia JUN16
3920 5 KCBS, Hyesan Korea (D.P.R.) JUN16
3945 2 R Vanuatu, Emten Lagoon Vanuatu JAN17
3960 0,1 Pispalan R, Tampere Finland MAR17
3975 100 Vatican R, S. Maria di Galeria Vatican City MAR17
3975 5 R Revival, Ringvalla, Sala Sweden MAY16
4750 1 Dunamis Broadcasting, Kampala Uganda JUN16
4765 10 R Integração, Cruzeiro do Sul, AC Brazil MAY16
4785 10 R Caiari, Porto Velho, RO Brazil OCT16
4815 10 R Difusora, Londrina, PR Brazil NOV16
4830 10 Mongolian R, Altay Mongolia JAN17
4865 5 R Verdes Florestes, Cruzeiro do S. Brazil MAR17
4895 50 AIR, Kurseong, Paschim Banga India MAR17
4985 1 Voz Cristiana, Chilca, Huancán Peru JUL16
5015 1 R Cultura, Cuaibá, MT Brazil APR16
5066 1 R Télé Candip, Bunia Dem. Rep. of Congo MAR17

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