2019 EDXC Conference: Andorra


January 3, 2019 by chrissynumero19

The 2019 EDXC Conference will take place in Andorra, over the weekend of September 6th to 8th. We are still at the planning stages of organising accommodation, visits, talks and other travel arrangements. Full details will be given in due course, but please put the dates in your diary!

We invite all EDXC members to the conference. As always, we extend a warm welcome to other DXers plus EDXC member organisations’ partners, significant others and any friends who may also wish to experience the fun of an EDXC conference and the opportunities to explore before, during and after the conference itself.

Andorra is a small (468 sq km) and mountainous principality, nestled in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. It will be exciting to hold an EDXC Conference in another new destination, especially a place where many of us may not have visited before.


We would also like to take this opportunity, on behalf of all EDXC member organisations and individuals, to say a huge “thank you/merci/kiitos” to Kari and Jan-Mikael for their fantastic and successful work over the past six years in their roles as EDXC Secretary-General and Assistant Secretary-General.  We (Chrissy and Christian) will try to match their shining examples of positive leadership as we take over the running of the EDXC for the next three years.

Wishing you all good DXing and a happy and healthy 2019!

Chrissy Brand, Secretary-General
Christian Ghibaudo, Assistant Secretary-General


The former home of Andorra Radio (Photo: Christian Ghibaudo)


7 thoughts on “2019 EDXC Conference: Andorra

  1. Rudy Hartono says:

    I am a listener from West Kalimantan. I am chairman of Borneo Listeners Club. if I wish I would like to be invited to the 2019 EDXC conference. I am very happy like that. Best regards from Borneo. Indonesia

    • HI Rudy, we would like for DXers to attend our conference. I am afraid that as a not for profit organisation, we do not have funds to pay for delegates’ travel. But I hope you can travel to Europe to take part anyway. Keep in touch! Chrissy

  2. Thank you for the selection of Andorra as location of the next EDXC conference. I have never visited an EDXC conference before but this time I have already put September 6th to 8th in my diary. The main reason is that I have never been in Andorra! I assume that Barcelona is the International Airport which is located next to Andorra. Best regards, Friedbert

    • Hi Friedbert, that’s great to hear, you are very welcome to the EDXC 2019 Conference. We are still arranging details which might include a coach from Toulouse or Barcelona. Keep an eye on this page for details. If you would like to join EDXC as an individual member or get your local radio or DX club to join as a member organisation (it is free), please look at the membership details on this site. Best wishes, Chrissy (EDXC Secretary General)

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