UNESCO World Radio Day


February 11, 2019 by chrissynumero19


First published as the guest editorial in RadioUser magazine, Warner Group, UK February 2019

February 13th is UNESCO World Radio Day, time to remember that radio communications are about understanding and collaboration, uniting hobbyists, enthusiasts, radio professionals, equipment suppliers and associated organisations in one broad sweep.

It is with reference to the latter that I have been invited to write this guest editorial. I’m honoured to have been appointed as the European DX Council Secretary-General for 2019-2021. In this capacity, I will be working with Christian Ghibaudo, the new Assistant Secretary-General. After six years of dedicated service in the posts of Secretary-General and Assistant Secretary-General, Finns Kari Kivekäs and Jan-Mikael Nurmela stepped down after last year’s successful EDXC conference in Bratislava and Vienna.

Founded in 1967, the EDXC advocates the interests of European DX listeners and DX clubs in international organisations in the field of radio and telecommunications. It is, in effect, an umbrella group for any radio or DX club in Europe or beyond which wishes to join (there are sixteen such clubs affiliated at present). For those not in a club, then individual memberships are encouraged.

Throughout the decades, the EDXC had an advisory role to international broadcasters, including on such issues as listener feedback and QSL verification formats.

With an ageing demographic and technological evolution, AM and FM radio DXing and short wave listening has declined from its 1960s and 1970s heyday. The hobby now shares an audio space alongside Internet radio, podcasts and social media. It is still popular globally, with individuals, DXpeditions and remote-controlled online receivers.

There remains an important role for radio clubs to play, in promoting the hobby, sharing DX catches, station information, and encouraging new stations as well as the well-established players and state broadcasters.

Heritage resources and archives in the hobby are growing daily, as the following examples show.




The EDXC 2019 conference will take place in Andorra from September 6th to 8th.

Chrissy Brand, EDXC Secretary-General

Twitter @DxCouncil

Facebook EDXC

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