EDXC on Ràdio i Televisió d’Andorra


September 13, 2019 by chrissynumero19


The recent EDXC Conference included a trip to the transmitter building and transmitter towers of Radio Andorra.

We also had a visit to the national broadcaster, Ràdio i Televisió d’Andorra (RTVA), where we were interviewed in four languages for a short weekend feature.

Full reports of the rest of the conference will appear in various EDXC member organisation’ s publications over the coming weeks and we will update you here.

Please do visit the EDXC Facebook page for other reports and photos.


One thought on “EDXC on Ràdio i Televisió d’Andorra

  1. Risto Vähäkainu says:

    Thanks very much to the organizers, the speakers et all who made this possible. The meeting in Andorra was very enjoyable with good talks, nice excursions and even great weathers and pure mountain air. Some of us have now also been to “a DX country” called Llivia, interesting place. Some of us also enjoyed Barcelona, some others Toulouse (and some even both I think). Hope to see you all next year, where ever the EDXC Conference will be held.

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