RRI International Listeners’ Day

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October 21, 2019 by chrissynumero19

Fig 6

Sunday 3rd November will be Radio Romania International’s annual international listeners’ day

To take part, you can respond to the questions posed by the station of:

What is today, in your opinion, the role of an international broadcaster? What do you expect from an international broadcaster? Do you have any memories that you can share with us, regarding your international listening experience in general, and as listeners of RRI in particular?

We are looking forward to receiving your answers, which will be included in our shows on November 3rd! You can email them to us, at engl@rri.ro, post them on Facebook or send them as a comment to this article on RRI’s website at www.rri.ro. If you like, you can also send us pre-recorded answers via WhatsApp, at +40744312650, or you can send us your telephone number so we can call you from the studio and record your opinions. Thank you!

A reminder too, that this year’s RRI QSL card series, which was delayed for a few months due to budget constraints, features traditional costumes. There are still a couple of months of this year for you to send reception reports and try to collect the set!

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