Raimo Kaksonen – RIP

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October 29, 2021 by chrissynumero19

Photo: Henri Ekman with Raimo at KOTA Rapid City, South Dakota, USA in March 2019.

Raimo Kaksonen – RIP

Risto Vähäkainu writes, with some very sad news:

With sadness I have to report that my long-time close friend Raimo Kaksonen died on Friday 29 October 2021 at the age of 71. Cancer was diagnosed two years ago and unfortunately the cures didn’t work well enough.

Raimo lived all his life in Tervajoki near Vaasa in midwestern Finland. He had a good MW QTH and he made great catches, especially from Central America. Altogether 221 verified countries and nearly 1400 stations. His DX career started in the mid-1960s.

Raimo was a sociable person who attended a vast number of DX meetings. He visited the FDXA summer meeting over 50 times and was known there as “The DX Auctioneer”. He attended all the EDXC meetings held in Finland and about a dozen meetings abroad, with 2019 Andorra as the last one. As an active traveller he visited over 100 countries.

Raimo is missed by long-time spouse Ritva, brother Esko and family, and many, many DXers in Finland and abroad. Thank you Raimo for the friendship and fine moments. Rest in Peace!

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