Video of EDXC meeting 13 November 2021

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November 14, 2021 by chrissynumero19

An EDXC meeting on Zoom took place from 1500 to 1700 UTC on 13 November 2021. Along with general radio chat, two excellent speakers gave us enthralling talks. It is now available at the EDXC YouTube channel

Sheldon Harvey gave a presentation about the Canadian International DX Club. It is in healthy state, with a monthly publication that runs to around 80 pages, full of DX news and tips, broadcast and utility. Refreshingly, other areas are also covered, such as podcasts, and radio in the wider media of films and television.

The club website is being redeveloped at present, but you can send an email or join the CIDX Facebook group

From a presentation in Quebec, we travelled to Finnish Lapland. Mika Mäkeläinen gave an insight into the joys of DX at the cabin in Aihkiniemi. There is an introductory video of what the facilities consist of.

There are two DX cabins which are owned jointly by eight Finnish DXers and are available to rent. Mika also runs the DXing Info website, where logs, well-written DXpedition reports, and amazing photos are to be found, along with other features on radio.

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