Trends in Tropical Bands Broadcasting, 2022


April 9, 2022 by chrissynumero19

EDXC co-founder Anker Petersen has published the latest Trends in tropical bands broadcasting and Domestic Broadcasting Survey.

Anker writes: “Since the Danish Short Wave Club International published the first annual Tropical Bands Survey in 1973, I have registered which stations are active, based upon loggings from our members and other DXers around the world. Here is an updated status outside Europe and North America, where Clandestine and Pirate stations are not included.”

Both of the documents are available at the DSWCI website, to study and enjoy. Click on the two blue boxes on the left side of the website for the current versions, and also to look back over previous versions. Hopefully, these will also encourage more DXers to listen regularly to the Tropical Bands.


One thought on “Trends in Tropical Bands Broadcasting, 2022

  1. says:

    Dear Chrissy,

    Thank you very much for bringing this new post on EDXC News !

    In the meantime I have also placed the Trends in TropicaL Bands Broadcasting, 2022 on the DSWCI Website [ | ]

    Best 73, Anker

    Fra: “EDXC News” Til: “anker petersen” Sendt: lørdag, 9. april 2022 10:40:11 Emne: [New post] Trends in Tropical Bands Broadcasting, 2022 chrissynumero19 posted: ” EDXC co-founder Anker Petersen has published the latest Trends

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