EDXC Conference, Metz 2023 proposal


August 31, 2022 by chrissynumero19

Hello to all,

I hope you had a great summer despite the difficulties of the moment.

I come to you to discuss the future of our upcoming EDXC meetings. I have a few questions: are you still interested in these meetings ? I think yes, when we can see the success of the SDXL summer meeting in Finland, some days ago. Dx’ers still want to exchange.

For almost three years we have not been able to meet. Due to the Covid pandemic and travel difficulties we had to cancel the meetings of 2020 and 2021. In 2022, due to the expected low number of participants (less than 10) we also had to cancel our meeting in Bucharest.

So I’m coming to you to suggest a meeting in 2023. Well, if you’re still interested, what time of year do you prefer: spring, fall?

I suggest you a conference in France, in the region of Lorraine. In the city of METZ.

At first, I had chosen Luxembourg, but the impossibility of visiting the facilities (studios and transmitter center) of the former RTL and also the high prices of the Grand Duchy, made me think of a meeting in Metz. On the other hand, I found that we could visit the building of the former LW transmitter center of Europe 1 in Saarland just on the other side of the border (Sender Europa 1).

And of course I also await your other suggestions.

Note that for the moment nothing is decided, nor organized, I await your answers.
Attached is a small presentation of the project.

Looking forward to hear from you, I wish you a beautiful autumn.

Best regards and 73’s

Christian Ghibaudo.


2 thoughts on “EDXC Conference, Metz 2023 proposal

  1. kamel Ghalem says:

    Good choice, we meet in summer 2023

  2. Mike Terry says:

    I hope I can attend in the Fall (Autumn) and my wife might wish to attend the social activities.

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