Tribute to Dario Monferini


October 17, 2022 by chrissynumero19

This morning, Monday October 17, just before sunrise, our friend Dario Monferini died.

Dario has devoted his entire life to DX. A regular attendee at EDXC conferences, I first met Dario at the 1984 conference in Stockholm. Then we kept in touch all his long years. We see each other almost once a year, for meetings and trips, also with Roberto Pavanello. What good memories.

It was Dario who convinced me to attend the EDXC conferences again. That’s what I did in 2010 when I traveled to Ankara with him. As a great traveler, Dario has practically traveled the world, visiting thousands of radio stations and also meeting hundreds of friends. Our meeting in Andorra was also Dario’s last trip. Personally,

I will not forget the frequent contacts with Dario, during the Covid pandemic and the lockdown in 2020, our almost daily conversations, allowed me to hold on while I was surrounded by sick people at work. Fortunately, I was able to visit him a few weeks ago in Milan.

Today I am very sad, personally this year 2022 is an “annus horribilis”.

Ciao Dario, ci mancherai…

Christian Ghibaudo.


Hi Dario. You turned off the JRC and left, leaving all of us at Play DX alone. How many years together, how many years since that Monday when Nazario said that by writing to Dario Monferini – Via Davanzati 8 – 20158 Milan you could ask for the list of broadcasters that had made pennants

The list came, the first Play DX arrived and it all started from there. At the beginning it was difficult, I had a 35,000 lire portable radio but what a thrill when I saw that even with that little radio I could repeat one of your listenings, either from Franco, or Giuseppe, or Rocco, or Andrea or Flavio.

The first Venezuelan on 60 meters arrived, and then, with finally a real RX, the legendary Grundig Satellit 3400, the first American on medium waves and even RPA felt at the height of being able to collaborate on Play DX.

The first meetings to exchange stickers and travels also arrived, the first for the EDXC in Sitges and the last in Canada in 2015, passing through Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, meeting many of our colleges from overseas, the DX nights in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, CO.RAD.,

I don’t want to brag and boast you but what we two, and everyone else, managed to do with CO.RAD. will remain unrepeatable, the jokes that every now and then we exchanged and that only we understood “Tu Manitù”, “Dammi one”, “Regiana’s candegiana”, “the usualy one liter”.

Now you are gone, you have reached that great celestial DX Camp where we will all arrive. When we meet again we will exchange our usual greeting “Hola”, we will turn on a radio, Henry will slightly adjust the tune and we will listen to Ondas del Huallaga and Radio Jesus del Gran Poder again.

May the earth be light to you Dario, you have suffered enough in this world.

Roberto Pavanello.


2 thoughts on “Tribute to Dario Monferini

  1. Alfredo says:

    RIP, Dario. Good old friend.

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