The European DX Council, EDXC, was founded in the year 1967.

DX Clubs and DXers, please consider joining the EDXC. You can be a member, whether you are :

  • a DX Club in Europe
  • a DX Organization or Federation
  • a private individual DX-er

Membership fees start as low as EUR 21 per year for a smaller DX-Club. (The membership fee depends on the size of the DX-Club). Please do join the EDXC!

The main aims of the EDXC are:

  • to achieve common objectives to support the European DX-listeners;
  • to advocate the interests of European DX-listeners and DX-Clubs in international organizations in the field of radio and telecommunications;
  • to support an annual EDXC Conference as the venue for European DX-listeners, DX-Clubs and others interested in the DX-hobby.

Other aims of the EDXC shall be:

  • to promote co-operation between European DX listeners and between European DX organizations;
  • to establish and foster close contact with other DX organizations throughout the world;
  • to improve contacts between DX listeners, radio stations and other organizations in the field of radio and telecommunications.

Thank you for visiting our website!


Kari Kivekäs, Secretary General

Jan-Mikael Nurmela, Assistant Secretary General