EDXC MEMBERS as of February 13th, 2023

Assoziation Deutschsprachiger DXer (ADDX)

Name: Assoziation Deutschsprachiger DXer (ADDX)
The ADDX was founded in January 1967. Today it has 2500 members. Annual membership fee 40 Euro (Germany), 48 Euro (Europe) or 62 Euro (World).
E-mail Address: EDXC representative:
Website Address:
Publications: ‘Radio-Kurier weltweit hören’, 12 issues per year, 60-92 pages in German.
Activities: Annual General Meeting (once a year), media magazine (3 times per month), digitization of historic short wave literature (, virtual QSL-archive (

Asociación Española de Radioescucha (AER)

Name: AER – Asociación Española de Radioescucha
Founded in 1979, about 100 members, membership fee EUR 12.00 for all countries.
E-mail Address:
Website Address:
Publications:  (all in Spanish) El Dial (i)” electronic bulletin (PDF format), 12 issues per year, included in membership fee, about 40 pages.
Activities: meetings, international contest, awards, DX mini programmes, virtual DX club with about 800 members

Associazione Italiana Radioascolto (AIR)

Name: AIR – Associazione Italiana Radioascolto
Founded in 1982, about 200 members, membership fee EUR 8.90 for Italy and EUR 8.90 for other countries.
Postal address: AIR , P.O. Box 1338, 10100 Torino AD, Italy
E-mail Address:
Website Address:
Publications: online free magazine “Radiorama” from our web, in Italian, 12 issues per year about 100 pages.
Activities: International Contest in January, “United Europe” Award and others awards (available also to non-members).

BCL Sicilia Club

From 1989 BCL news from Italy to the World, 45 members 01.06.2008, membership fee 25 euros (one year) / free for contributors
E-mail Address:
Website Address:
Publications: DX-Magazine: BCLNEWS.IT; 24 pages color/black&white photocopy; language : Italian – 12 issues (monthly)
DX Program: Studio DX ( on AWR Europe, WRMI, Radio Studio X and FM italian network
Activities: Radio related web pages: /  / / / /

British DX Club

Name: British DX Club (BDXC-UK)
Address:  c/o Alan Pennington & Kenny Dave, 10 Hemdean Hill, Caversham, Reading RG4 7SB
500 members
E-mail Address:
Website Address:

Danish DX Listeners’ Club

Name: Dansk DX Lytter Klub (DDXLK)
Founded in 1973. Today DDXLK has about 50 members (all in Denmark). Membership is only obtainable for people living in Denmark or Danish citizens residing abroad.
Address: c/o Stig Hartvig Nielsen, Hovedvejen 17, DK-8920 Randers, Denmark
E-mail address:
Website address:
Publication: DX-Aktuellt, in co-operation with the Swedish DX Federation (SDXF), six issues per year, 48 – 64 pages.
Activities: Two DX-camps annually.

Finnish DX Association (FDXA)

Name: Finnish DX Association (FDXA).
The Finnish DX Association was founded in January 1958. Today it has about 500 members (most of them live in Finland). Annual membership fee is 62 euros.
E-mail Addresses:  
EDXC representative: Mr. Risto Vähäkainu
Website Address:
Publications: ‘Radiomaailma’ -magazine, 6 issues per year between 32-64 pages. Main language is Finnish, but sometimes articles, news sections etc are available in English and Swedish, too.
Other publications: ‘DXclusive’, an electronic bulletin, top loggings and news. About 20 issues per year. Subscription rate 10 euros (available to anybody).
Activities: Annual summer meeting (usually the first weekend of August) is the highlight of the Finnish DX year (attendance 50-100). Local branches in nearly ten cities of Finland arrange regular local meetings and DX Camps.

Hungarian DX Club

Name: Hungarian DX Club
Address: n/a
eMail Address:
Website Address: n/a
Hungarian DX Club has been founded in 1998.
Number of Members: 30. Annual membership fee HUF 1000,-
Meetings: Member meetings occasionally. Annual General Meeting once a year.
Publications: Quarterly Bulletin until Mr. Lajos Horvath, the President and Editor of the Club lived. He passed away in March 2008. The Club is just now looking for a new Editor of the Bulletin.

Irish DX Club

Name: Irish DX Club.
Address: n/a
eMail Address:
Website Address: n/a
Irish DX Club has been founded in 1989.
Number of Members: 10; there’s no membership fee
Meetings: EDXC 2009 in Dublin
Publications: none
Other Publications: none


number of  members: 80 MEMBERS  31.12.2007
membership fee: 50 EURO (ONE YEAR)
E-mail Address:
Website Address:
Other publications: ITALIAN FM DATA BASE, on CD, 15 Euro
Information on FM radio stations in Italy (includes name, frequencies, address, phone, email, website, contact name)
Activities: DX-NIGHTS Meetings organized in BOCCA di MAGRA (La Spezia) open also to non members, contact the board member. PLAY-DX  “GRAN MAGNNATA” in November; open only to members, contact the board member.

Rhein-Main-Radio-Club e.V. , Frankfurt (RMRC)

Name: Rhein-Main-Radio-Club e.V., (RMRC).
Number of Members: 60, Location: Frankfurt, Germany. Membership fee  25 Euro p.a. incl. Printed RMRC Aktuell. 21 Euro p.a. incl. Online  RMRC Aktuell.
E-mail Address:
Website Address:
Publications: DX-Magazin RMRC-Aktuell, german. 6 issues p.a.  all incl. Member fee. RMRC Aktuell  is published  in german, printed and online RMRC-Aktuell you will find also partly at our HP
Other Publications: QSL-Calendar is published in engl. Since 2006 each year,  each copy 15.-Euro incl. Porto. The full colour art print calendar offers real treasures from our historical QSL archives, covering QSL cards from the 1930’s to present. QSL-Calendar you will also find at our HP You can order there Online DX Log program (download free) for DX use. You can download and use free o.c. and send your logs to our Online-logbook manager and to our online log. DX-Who-is-Who  you find at our website. Jingles & Tunes  collected jingles and tunes from radio stations since 1975, you can order all 4 CD for 15.- Euro.
Activities: Each year we have 2 or 3 RMRC- DX-Camps at Langenselbold. DX-Camps always is for one week. All about DX-camps you find at the HP RMRC is visiting broadcsting stations in Germany, radio-museums and all radio interested locations. RMRC Meetings every month at last friday in Frankfurt. RMRC regular´s table every month second friday at Frankfurt. Also regular meetings at Butzbach and Wiesbaden, RMRC technical club service offers radios, antennas. other RMRC merchandise and everything Dxer needs – at fair price.
Radio Programs: RMRC regular broadcasts from HCJB, RSI, also irregular broadcasts on shortwave by RMRC

St. Petersburg DX Club

Name: St. Petersburg DX Club
Address:  c/o Alexander Beryozkin, G.P.O.Box 463, St.Petersburg 190000
Phone/fax: +7(812) 766-09-37
19 members
E-mail Address:

Swedish DX Federation (SDXF)

Name: SDXF – the Swedish DX Federation
Full Member Club of EDXC
Year founded: 1956
Postal address: Box 1097, 405 23 Göteborg, Sweden.
EDXC Representative: Michael Andersson
Fields of interest: SW, MW, FM, computers, scanners.
Number of members: Around 400.
E-mail Address:
Website Address:
Publications: DX-Aktuellt, in co-operation with the Danish DX Listeners’ Club, 6 issues per year, 48 – 64 pages.
Activities: Annual meeting, the DX-Parliament, is held in May – June. The Swedish DX Federation is the umbrella organization of 10 affiliated local DX clubs from all over Sweden. These clubs hold regular local meetings and some also publish own bulletins.


Address: P.O. Box 1214, D-61282 Bad Homburg, Germany.
eMail Address:
Website Address:
WORLDWIDE DX CLUB has been founded in November 1966. It is a founder member of the German head organization ARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFT DX e.V. (founded in 1973) and offers its members also the common monthly publication of ADDX and AGDX in German “Radio-Kurier/weltweit hören”.
Number of Members: 110
Publications: “DX MAGAZINE” monthly in English, 11 issues per year (including summer double edition). “Radio-Kurier/weltweit hören” monthly in German.
Membership fees: EUR 18 yearly for printed publication DX MAGAZINE (surface mail) or EUR 9.00 per year for PDF subscription of DX MAGAZINE. Subscription fee for “Radio-Kurier/weltweit hören”, other currencies and air mail rates on request.
Other Publications: WORLD RADIO TV HANDBOOK, as well as AGDX and EDXC publications are offered in our publication service.


Anker Petersen
Bengt Dalhammar
Christian Ghibaudo
Kaj Bredahl Jørgensen
Kamel Ghalem
Tibor Szilagyi
Alfredo Cotroneo

In memoriam: Tor-Henrik Ekblom


Arbeitsgemeinschaft DX e.V (AGDX)

Name: AGDX, Arbeitsgemeinschaft DX e.V., Germany
The AGDX is the umbrella organisation of German speaking DX clubs, including member clubs in Germany and Austria. Our member clubs have members in the German speaking countries (as a focus), and also world wide.
AGDX has observer status in the EDXC. The representative of the AGDX to the EDXC is Thomas Schubaur.
E-mail Address:
Website Address:
Publications: The AGDX co-operates with the ADDX for publishing the monthly magazine “Radio-Kurier – weltweit horen”. This monthly magazine, in German language, usually comprises at least 60 pages, offset printed, title page in color. This magazine is offered to all the AGDX clubs for its members. It features regular information such as listening guides for German, English, French broadcasts, monthly pre-look on upcoming shows, media and DX news, logs from members. Also listener forum and QSL lists. Other areas: Tourist reports on countries abroad, including broadcast aspects, also historical reports. Then, technical and user test reports on hardware and software related to the hobby, also practical hands-on test of receiving equipment.
Activities: Other services include local and regional member meetings, DX-camps, assistance to new-comers.
Radio Programs: The regular AGDX DX program is broadcast via Radio HCJB on every 4th Saturday in “even” months (February, April, …). Correct reception reports are acknowledged with a special AGDX QSL.

The AGDX welcomes co-operation with other European DX organizations.

National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters (NASB)

Name: National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters (NASB).
The NASB is a non-profit association of privately-owned shortwave stations in the United States which are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Currently there are 12 member organizations representing 15 stations, plus 13 associate members. Associate members can be any type of organization in any part of the world with an interest in U.S. shortwave broadcasting. Membership fees for FCC-licensed stations depend on the number of transmitters licensed, beginning with USD 250 for one transmitter. The annual membership fee for associate members is USD 500.
E-mail Address:
Website Address:
Publications: The NASB Newsletter is published in English irregularly, several times per year in English. It is available only by e-mail and is available to anyone in any part of the world free of charge. Those wanting to subscribe should send their e-mail address to and ask to be put on the mailing list for the NASB Newsletter.
Activities: The NASB has an annual meeting held jointly with the USA DRM Group, usually on a Thursday and Friday in early May. The meeting is open to members and non-members — anyone with an interest in shortwave radio, including shortwave listeners. The NASB annual meeting is held in different locations around the United States each year, often hosted by a member organization. In recent years, there has been no registration fee for meeting participants. For more details on the next NASB annual meeting, go to and click on “Annual Meeting.”
Radio Programs: Besides the programming of the individual members, the NASB has produced a series of DRM programs in recent years. It is currently not on the air, but may return in the near future. See the NASB website for current details. In addition, the NASB produces a monthly report called the “Voice of the NASB” which is broadcast on the third Saturday of each month on the “DX Party Line” program of associate member HCJB.


Name: Radionotizie.
E-mail Address:
Website Address: 
Publications and Activities: Radionotizie is a bimonthly publication of news and updates from the world of radio listening with articles on international broadcasters, QSL cards, reviews of receivers and the timetables and frequencies of the large medium and short wave broadcasters and much more. Born from the radio listening group of the Strait in Messina in 1981 on the initiative of Giovanni Sergi and the Rai engineer Antonio Arcudi, for more than 40 years it was directed by Giovanni Sergi who died  in March 2019.  Today the magazine is directed by Dario Gabrielli di Dolo, in the province of Venice. Radionotizie is also present on Facebook at

Radio Heritage Foundation

Name: Radio Heritage Foundation.
E-mail Address:
Website Address:
Publications: Australia Radio Guide, Hawaii Radio Guide, New Zealand Radio Guide, Pacific Asia Listeners’ Guide (all online guides)
Activities: The Cooperative Global Radio Memories Project. Radio Heritage Foundation projects and activities connect radio, popular culture, history and heritage.

NEXUS – International Broadcasting Association

Name: NEXUS – International Broadcasting Association, Milan, Italy.
E-mail Address:
Website Address:
Activities: Internet, media and broadcasting services worldwide.

Indian DX Club International 

Name: Indian DX Club International, Kolkata, India.
E-mail Address:
Website Address:
Activities: IDXCI is an informal association of DXers, mainly from India. It has been active in organising DXpeditions and promoting the hobby of radio DXing in general.
Publications: The association brings out the Asian DX Review DX bulletin which is presently an online publication which is distributed free.

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