EDXC 2020 Conference Postponed


May 10, 2020 by chrissynumero19


Due to the impact of Covid-19 around the world, and the ongoing uncertainties it will still cause over the coming months, the European DX Council sadly announce that we will postpone the 2020 Conference (due to be held in Bucharest in September 2020).

We shall rearrange for the conference to take place in Bucharest in September 2021.

The decision has been taken following discussions with EDXC contacts at the French Service of Radio Romania International and the Ciao Romania travel agency.


Further rationale behind the decision

Although the lockdown in Romania will be gradually lifted from May 15th, including some air connections, further details on how Romania will come out of lockdown will take place in July.

It is unclear as to how the European Union borders will be operating in September. It may be that citizens from countries who have failed to contain the virus successfully (e.g. the UK and others) are not permitted to leave their country nor allowed to enter certain other countries.

Events including conferences and festivals may not be permitted in September in Romania (and elsewhere) due to physical distancing requirements.

Restaurants and tourist attractions may not be open.

Most importantly, we would not want to hold a conference that our members do not wish to attend for fear of their and others’ health.

We hope that you agree it is far better to plan to hold the EDXC conference in Bucharest in 2021 instead, in what will hopefully be a safer environment with a better atmosphere.


Stay safe and keep in touch,

Chrissy Brand (SG)

Christian Ghibaudo (ASG)


(Photo: Croatia, CB)

4 thoughts on “EDXC 2020 Conference Postponed

  1. Alan Roe says:

    Thank you Chrissy and Christian for the update. It’s undoubtedly the correct decision. Let’s all look forward to a fantastic EDXC in 2021.

    Stay safe and take care


  2. Mike Terry says:

    Couldn’t make 2020 on our initial plans, hopefully now we can make 2021. Stay safe everyone.

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