Obituary: Bob Grevenstuk In Memoriam

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April 24, 2014 by OH6001SWL

I am terribly sorry to hear about the pass away of our member no. 620 Bob Grevenstuk!

Bob was a DX pioneer in the Netherlands. I have met him several times here in Denmark in the 1967-1980 or later. In June 1967 he was one of the founders of the EDXC in my home together with Wounter Franken and Maarten van Delft from the Netherlands!

Later on he and Wouter visited several of our meetings in Denmark, but after Wouter suddenly passed away, we have not seen Bob.

But despite increasing health problems he has been a stable member of the DSWCI until now. Bob was born in 1929.

May he rest in Peace!

The funeral will take place in Amsterdam on the 29th of April.

Anker Petersen


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