Kaj Bredahl Jørgensen


April 18, 2022 by chrissynumero19

Anker Petersen writes:

Dear DX-friends.

It is with great sorrow, I inform you, that on this Good Friday my very good friend through 70 years KAJ BREDAHL JØRGENSEN passed away quietly in his new home, 81 years old. Two days before he was healthy and had a 4 kilometre long walk.

Kaj was an active DX-er all his life. He joined the Danish Shortwave Club International (DSWCI) in 1958 as member number 93.

Later as member of the DSWCI Board he became Editor two times of the monthly Club bulletin “Shortwave News” for a total period of 38½ years !

In June 1967 he chaired the EDXC Foundation Meeting in my home with DX-ers from six European countries. He later participated with his wife Else in most of the annual EDXC conferences.

In 1967 he also was one of the producers of the weekly programme “DX-Window” from Radio Denmark Shortwave for more than two years.

May he rest in peace.

Anker Petersen
Former Chairman of the DSWCI


One thought on “Kaj Bredahl Jørgensen

  1. Risto Vähäkainu says:

    Dear Anker, very sorry to hear about Kaj. He was a long-time active in both DSWCI and EDXC. Abd we met many times in various meetings and conferences. Please deliver my condolences to Else.

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